Traveling to Southeast Asia (from the USA)

If you are going to travel to Southeast Asia from the United States, you’re going to want to make sure that you have all of your bases covered.

Southeast Asia is one of the hottest global travel destinations in the world right now, and will most certainly transform the way that you look at our global community – even if you’re only staying for a short while.

Some of the best places to visit in Southeast Asia include Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos, and each and every one of these “hotspot destinations” is home to a number of life-changing travel opportunities that will have you coming back to Southeast Asia time and time again.


At the same time, you’re going to want to make sure that you make the most of your Southeast Asian trip, and that means planning everything down to the finest detail possible.

You are going to want to know what to bring, when to go, and where to visit to pack in as much as possible in your trip – and hopefully we are going to be able to help you do exactly that!

Shall we dive right in?

Prepare yourself with this quick packing list

Packing for a trip is one of the most stressful parts of the process, unless you know exactly what you need to bring – and exactly what you’re going to be able to leave behind.

To give you a bit of a head start, here are just a handful of things that you’re going to want to guarantee are in your bag before you step on the plane for Southeast Asia!

Deodorants – Believe it or not, the overwhelming majority of deodorant in Asia isn’t made with antiperspirants. This can be big trouble for those that sweat in the South Asian heat. Make sure that you come prepared with your own from home.

Sunscreen – Because you’re going to be visiting subtropical regions wherever you are in Southeast Asia you need to make sure that you are completely protected from the sun.

Insect repellentMosquitoes are all over in the tropical parts of Southeast Asia, and for one reason or another most of the insect repellents you’re going to come across in the area just aren’t that great at getting the job done.

Quick medical kit – You’d be surprised at just how many major medical emergencies you can avoid it entirely by having a well-prepared medical kit in your bag. This is something that you can set up once and bring with you on every destination to every destination, replenishing it on the fly as necessary.

Good old-fashioned cold, hard cash – Money talks in Southeast Asia, and you’re going to want to make sure that you have a steady supply of greenbacks in your back pocket whenever you need it. Carry

maybe $100 worth of cash on you in small bills at all times (hidden on your person) and you’ll be able to get yourself out of almost any jam or gain access to pretty much anything.

Destinations you HAVE to visit in Southeast Asia

There are a lot of different destinations that you’re going to want to hit when you visit Southeast Asia, but here are some of the most jaw-dropping, exciting, and always memorable locales you’ll want to be sure are on your itinerary.

Otres Beach, Cambodia

A little bit lesser known then it’s “sister” beach Serendipity, it’s a little bit more off the beaten path but just as beautiful, just as fun, and just as visually stunning.

Phong Nha Ke Bang, Vietnam

Almost effortless to skip because the town is so small, this is one of the friendliest locations in all of Vietnam and is going to offer you the closest experience to traditional Vietnamese life as you’re likely to find.

It’s never flooded with tourists – though you’re definitely going to be able to connect with at least a handful of travelers and some ex-pats, but the friendly vibe and welcoming smiles you’ll encounter are going to change the way that you look at Vietnam forever.

Pai, Thailand

The only way to describe Pai is simply that it’s “special”.

Maybe the most visually stunning location in all of Southeast Asia, it’s also filled with spiritual, interesting, and fun-loving people that are going to welcome you almost immediately – and be genuinely sad when you have to leave.


It’s not difficult to take in all that nature has to offer here, there are more waterfalls then you’ll be able to count, thick and lush jungle areas with all kinds of hiking opportunities, and outdoor sports opportunities at every corner.

And if you’re looking for a little bit of nightlife, it brings quite a bit as well!

At the end of the day, Southeast Asia is a premier travel destination for a reason. Grab a handful of your friends or family members, load up for a trip, and make sure that you head out to Southeast Asia any time of year but the monsoon season.

You won’t regret it!